Grafo User Guide

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Creating a new Document
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Document History
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Document History

Grafo periodically takes snapshots of your document to build a revision history. Users must be at the Personal or Team level to access the Document History. Users at the Personal level get 6 months of document history, while users at the Team level get a full year.

To view the Document History sidebar, select Document History from the File menu:

File Menu Document History

And the sidebar will appear on the right:

Document History Sidebar

When you edit the document, Grafo starts another snapshot:

Grafo starting a revision snapshot

Grafo does not take a snapshot for every single edit; much like Google Docs, it groups edits together.

Naming Versions

If you wish to save a particular version, you may give it a name. There are two methods. The first method is to select ‘Name this Version’ from the File menu:

File Menu Name Version

The document history sidebar will appear and you’ll be able to give the version a name.

If you already have the document history sidebar open, you may click on the three dots next to the version you wish to name and select ‘Name this version’:

History Sidebar Name Version

Add Notes

As seen in the previous screenshot, you may also add notes to a version.

Reverting to a Previous Version

It’s possible to revert to both named and unnamed versions. Select the version you wish to revert to, and click on ‘Restore this Version’ above the document history sidebar:

History Sidebar Restore Version