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Search can be used to search for any concept, attribute, or relationship. Search is based on the Preferred Label of the element.

To search for an element, click on the Search button in the title bar:

Click Search

This will open up the search sidebar:

Search Sidebar

To begin searching, start typing your search string where it says, ‘Enter a Concept, Attribute, or Relationship’. Matching results will appear as you type. If you hover over a search result, that element will be zoomed in the diagram:

Zoom on Hover in Search

If you click on the search result, the element will be selected and the search sidebar will disappear:

Click on Element in Search

If this is not the element you wanted, you may click ‘Return to Search Results’ and continue the same search. If you are done searching and wish to clear the search, click ‘Dismiss.’


It is possible to search for only concepts, attributes, or relationships. For example, if you wanted to only search attributes you would open up the ‘Filters’ dropdown and de-select Concepts, Relationships, and Relationship Attributes:

Search Attributes Filter

The same effect can also be accomplished by clicking the little ‘X’ next to each section.