Grafo User Guide

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The Free/Student level is free forever. It allows a user to create an unlimited number of knowledge graphs. Users at the free level can share documents for viewing with any number of users, commenting with up to ten users, and they can also view or comment on documents that have been shared with them.


Subscribing at the Personal level gives several advantages over the Free level. The first is the ability to import and export knowledge graphs. The second is the ability to edit shared documents– while users at the Free/Student level can view and comment on shared documents, only users at the Personal level or higher are able to edit shared documents. The ten user restriction on commenting is also removed– users at the Personal level can share for commenting with an unlimited number of other users. In addition, users at the Personal level get 6 months of version history and the ability to name versions of their documents.


The Team level has one major advantage over the other two: it allows a user to share documents with others for editing. It also offers a number of enhancements over the Personal level. It gives the ability to import documents with up to 1000 concepts per document. (The Personal level is limited to 100 concepts per document.) The team level also offers 12 months of version history, as opposed to the 6 available at the Personal level.