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Grafo can import Turtle files and OWL (RDF/XML) files.

A document can be imported from the dashboard by clicking the ‘Import’ button:

Click Import

Then either drag-and-drop or browse the filesystem for the file you wish to import.

Limitations of Import

Elements Imported

Only Concepts (Classes), Attributes (Datatype Properties), Relationships (Object Properties), and Specializations (Subclasses) are currently imported. The following are also supported:

Object and Datatype Properties with union (owl:unionOf) as domain/range,

Property Restrictions with Existential Quantification, and

Property Cardinality Restrictions.

Maximum Size of Import

The maximum size of an import is determined by the subscription level. A user at the Personal level can import documents with up to 100 concepts per document. A user at the Team level can import documents with up to 1000 concepts per document.