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Adding a Relationship Attribute

Relationships in property graphs may have attributes attached to them. An attribute can be added to a relationship in much the same was as to a concept. The first method is by clicking on the Attribute tool in the toolbox:

Add Relationship Attribute from the Toolbox

Then mousing over to the relationship (no need to drag the attribute):

Add Relationship Attribute Placement

And then clicking again to release:

Add Relationship Attribute Release

Second Method for Adding an Attribute to a Relationship

The other option is to simply click the  Plus Button  button to the right of the relationship label:

Click Relationship Plus Button


Add Relationship Attribute Release

Both methods increment the relationship attribute counter by 1, and open up the detailed information panel for a relationship attribute.

Detailed Relationship Attribute Information

Detailed Relationship Attribute Information

The fields for a relationship attribute are identical to those for a concept attribute. The only difference is a default Preferred Label of ‘relattribute’.

Relationship Attribute Export

Relationship attributes are not currently exported.